The Young Theatre

The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

9-11 April, 2015

by William Shakespeare. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2015.
Cast & Crew Trailer Photographs  Handbill Poster

Antonio Ewan McPhillips
Bassanio Alexander Northwood
Gratiano Tom McGrath
Lorenzo Kieran McPhillips
Solanio Zoe Kaye
Salario Lizzie Baldwin
Portia Abbie Verity
Nerissa Anna Reith
Shylock Katie Vowles
Jessica Jess Woodrow
Launcelot GobboSam Nathan-Saffron
Duke / Servant Jonathan Douglas
Tubal Tom Curtis
Director & Designer Mark Oldknow
Assisted by Tom McGrath
Technical Manager & Lighting Design Ben Krebs
Stage Manager Emma Wroe
DSM Lotty Clare
Lighting Operator Fin Cuthbert
Sound Operator Matt Cowley
Crew Chief Matt Shrage
Asst.Stage Manager Fin Cuthbert
Wardrobe Mistress Rosa Carpenter
Repetiteur Catherine Hiscock
Graham Southgate Equipment Hire
Jay Oldknow Seamstress
Rickmansworth Players Wardrobe Hire
Beaconsfield Garden Centre Plants
Joe Kirk & Craig Greenhalgh LX Rigging
Cast & Crew Trailer Photographs  Handbill Poster

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