Shared Intent Theatre

King Lear

By William Shakespeare

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

October, 2014
15 - 17 The Curzon Centre
18 - 19 Glory Farm Barn

A joint venture with The Young Theatre

By William Shakespeare. Performed by Shared Intent and the Young Theatre in 2014.
Cast & Crew Photographs  Handbill

Duke of Kent David Begg
Duke of GloucesterAntony Sendall
Edmund Tom McGrath
King Lear Mark Oldknow
Goneril Carys Thompson
Regan Helen Sendall
Cordelia Katie Vowles
Duke of Burgundy Jamie Kwasnik
King of France Sean O'Farrell
Edgar Jamie Kwasnik
Oswald Sean O'Farrell
Fool Suzie McPherson
Duke of Albany Edward Simpson
Duke of Cornwall Phil Macken
Other parts played by members of the company
Producer Tom McGrath
Director Mark Oldknow
Technical DirectorBen Krebs
Fight Director Suzie McPherson
Jenny Quille, Jay Oldknow, Beaconsfield Theatre Group, Chiltern Shakespeare Company, Beaconsfield Operatic Society, Royal National Theatre, The Curzon Centre, and Wooburn Green WMC
Cast & Crew Photographs  Handbill

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