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Sleeping Beauty

By Mark Oldknow & Carla Quelch

23rd - 26th December 2012

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Rd, Beaconsfield


Fairy Nuff Katie Vowles
King Cecil Ollie Munby
Queen Rosemary Emma Jackson
Poison Ivy Xye Appleton
Nanna Trot Mark Oldknow
Princess Aurora Allie Baldwin
Simple Simon Tom McGrath
Grin Hannah Dutton
Bearitt Tim Dixon
Stage Manager Ollie Gocher
Daisy Lucy-Jane May & Anna Reith
Prince Valiant Jessica Taylor
Not a Cow Milo Day
Smarty Alexander Northwood
Smiley Zoe Kaye
Snoozy Josh Penn
Soppy Cat Jackson
Snuffly Fianna Smaje
Surly Ewan McPhillips
Simples Eliot Day
Mr. Catchphrase Joe Eales
Puss-in-Boots Ella Wicks
Piddles Alex Hiscock
Priscilla Rebecca Jurdon
Party Guest Karolina Gres
Father ChristmasHimself
Director and ChoreographerCarla Quelch
Co-Director Ellie Harffey
Musical Director Leo Munby
Set Design James Hart, Carys Rees
Art Direction Dana Kidson
Lighting Design Joe Kirk
Costume Design Xye Appleton
Producer Mark Oldknow
Stage Manager Ben Krebs
Deputy Stage Manager Craig Greenhalgh
Assistant Stage Manager Charlie Parker
Properties Carys Rees
Crew Trent Allen, Matt Condon, Will Sherwood
Wardrobe Assistants Karolina Gres, Ella Wicks
Lighting Operator Jonathan Hobbs
Follow Spot Will Marshall
Drums Ben Varnam
Bass Harvey Causon
Reed 1Rosa Wicks
Reed 2Matthew Lettis, Giles Chick, Amy Poulter, Hannah Williams
Reed 3Fraser Wilkinson
Harp Charlotte Grimsey

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