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(a cabaret evening)

17th November 2012

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

Home Handbill Programme

The evening's entertainment consisted of

two One Act Plays, Sketches and Songs

Trapped by Michael Green

House Manager Rosa Carpenter
The Maid Lucy-Jane May
Major Thompson Ewan McPhillips
Mrs. Thompson Ella Wicks
Cousin Sheila Rebecca Jurdon
Cousin Freda Anna Howson
Cousin George Josh Penn
Stage Manager Milly Kirlew
Directed by Alexander Northwood

A Fish in Her Kettle by Michael Green

Felix Josh Penn
Antoinette Karolina Gres
Victor Ollie Gocher
Henri/Count Otto Harvey Causon
Eugenie Ella Wicks
Captain Bidet Ewan PcPhillips
Lucille Lulu Pratt
Cook Anna Howson
Merry Minstrel Lucy-Jane May
The Prompt Milly Kirlew
House Manager Rosa Carpenter
Directed by Ben Krebs

Sketches & Songs

Performers Tim Dixon, Hannah Dutton, Karolina Gres, Al Hiscock, Daisy Leboeuf, Tom McGrath, Ollie Gocher, Alexander Northwood, Mark Oldknow, Jessica Taylor & Katie Vowles
Musical Director Leo Munby

Home Handbill Programme

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