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The Burnham Trophy


Friday, Saturday, 13th - 14th July 2012 

The Beacon Centre, Holtspur Way, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators: (Friday) - Phillip Sheahan, (Saturday) - Phil Macken

Poster Handbill

Results of Burnham Trophy 2012

Best Overall Production and Winner of the Burnham Trophy: Pinnacle 
Best Script: Ellie Harffey & Al Hiscock (Pinnacle) 
Best Director: Ellie Harffey (Pinnacle) 
Best Performance in a Lead Role: Harvey Causon (Pinnacle) 
Best Performance in a Supporting Role: Allie Baldwin, Anna Howson & Lucy-Jane May (Dark Intention)
  Best Stage Presentation: Ben Krebs (Pinnacle) 

Pinnacle   |  Dark Intentions   |  Festival Team   |  Burnham Trophy


Written by Ellie Harffey & Al Hiscock

Spencer Ewan McPhillips / Al Hiscock 
Julie Katie Vowles 
John Harvey Causon 
Deb Ella Wicks 
Angela Hannah Dutton 
EnsembleYvonne Kelley-Patterson, Millie Kirlew, Millie Moran 
Director Ellie Harffey
Production ManagerBen Krebs 
Stage Manager Matt Condon 
Set Design Harvey Causon
Make-Up / Costume Ella Wicks 
Thanks to: Genevieve Sull, Zoe Kaye, Rosalie Arts,
Jessica Taylor, Tim Dixon, Jason Krebs

Dark Intentions

Written by Emma Jackson & Josh Penn

Bob Merchant Alexander Northwood 
Receptionist (Trudy)Anna Reith 
Devil Chris Green 
Lucy Annabel Moran 
Alice Anna Howson 
Lily Allie Baldwin 
Molly Lucy-Jane May 
Vicky Anna Reith 
Police 1 Joe Eales 
Police 2 Iona Fielding 
Director Alexander Northwood 
Stage Manager Craig Greenhalgh 
DSM Emma Jackson 
Lighting DesignCraig Greenhalgh 
Sound Design Jonathan Hobbs 
Thanks to Chris Northwood

Festival Production Team 
Festival Director Tom McGrath 
Festival Technical Manager James Hart 
Festival Technical AssistantOwen Kelley-Patterson 
Festival Stage Manager Toby Buckle 
Festival Lighting Joe Kirk 
Mentors (Pinnacle) Catherine Hiscock
(Dark Intentions) Lucy Kelley-Patterson


On the Friday night, the award-winning festival play The Better Half was also performed.

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