The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) Poster


by Mark Oldknow

Dec 22nd-24th 2010

in the The Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

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Production photographs on Flickr

Aladdin Hannah Dutton
Wishee Washee Tom McGrath
Abanazer Tom Curtis
Hankee Pankee Jess Firth
Widow Twankee Mark Oldknow
Emperor Chow Mein Chris Green
Princess Jasmine Nyasha Kupfuwa
Slave of the Ring Alice Jones/Yvonne Kelley-Patterson
Genie of the Lamp Ethan Sefton-Minns
Ping Beth Graham/Sophie Gordon
Pong Josh Martin/Alex Hiscock
Director Mark Oldknow
Asst Director + Circus  DirectorChloe Mantripp
Lighting Design Alex Firth
Costume Design Xye Appleton
Choreography Sophie Gordon
Repetiteur Venetia Hathrill
Photographs Josh Martin
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