The Young Theatre

Just for Laughs

Fund Raising Evenings

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

2nd and 3rd July 2004

Fund Raising Evenings. Performed by the Young Theatre in 2004.
Home Fiesta Fandango Albert Laddin Bottom’s Dream Laundry Girls in Henley Ball Boys Programme (pdf)

Dinner Theatre
Friday Evening in aid of The Ridyard Foundation


Celebrating Ball Boys win.
Programme Entry
Producer Cindy Linley
Compere Mark Oldknow
Accompanied by Sheila Newland
Pianist Tania Sidenius
Stage Manager Bridget Coles
Deputy SM Michael Willmot
Assistant SM Mandy Machado
Designer Martin Haswell
Lighting Ed Griffin
Sound Cameron Gower Poole
Front of House Manager Poppy Ross
Assistant FOH Jamie Robinson & Toby Denney
Catering Patricia Henry & Cindy Linley
Bar Paul Henry
Acknowledgements Chiltern Shakespeare Co., Beaconsfield Theatre Group, Wycombe Swan Youth Theatre, Becky Sharman, Vicky Twydle, Lanmark, Wycombe Swan Catering, Carlos Querioz, Mary & Michael Macken, Angela Westmacott & the Curzon Centre
Home Fiesta Fandango Albert Laddin Bottom’s Dream Laundry Girls in Henley Ball Boys Programme (pdf)

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