Tight Fit Theatre in the Community

Charity Revue

(in memory of Michael Wiseman)

Beacon Centre, Beaconsfield

10 - 12 July 1997

A Tight Fit Theatre production in conjunction with Young Theatre,
Chiltern Shakespeare Company and Beaconsfield Theatre Group

(in memory of Michael Wiseman). Performed by the Young Theatre and others in 1997.
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Hiss The Villain

By A.R.Taylor and W. Ernest Cossons

Silas Snaker, a rascally banker Rob Bowen
Bowler, his clerk Chris Lambert
Captain Noble, an old sea-captain Paul Wilson
Mrs. Noble, his wife Catherine Lambert
Lucy, their daughter Row Lennon
Percy, their son Chris Gurney
Harold, their friend Pilsbury
Directed by Tim Hill

The Sketches

Performed by

Clare Lizziemore

Carla Quelch

Helen Sharman

Dave Farey

Tim Hill

Mark Oldknow

John Sharman

Musician Sally Dutton
Set Design Karen Ogborn
Stage Managers Jane Dutton & Ally Hill
ASM Siobhan Hill

Note: Tim Hill, who directed this production of Hiss The Villain played the dastardly villain Silas Snaker in the production directed by Michael Wiseman in 1971.

Home Obituary Poster & Handbill Invitation & Ticket Programme Press

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