The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy

The Chaos Theory

26th & 27th July 1997

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicator   |  Programme (PDF 2.1MB)   |   Carpe Diem   |   Absence of Reason   
  Sunshine Square : Episode 5 : A Death Wish   |   Festival Team   |  Burnham Trophy

Adjudicator: Andy Chatfield

Winning play was:- Sunshine Square : Episode 5 : A Death Wish

Carpe Diem

Devised, Written & Directed by the Group

Bob Loci Pilsbury
Fred End Chris Lambert
Coz McFlusie Row Lennon
Jim Reaper Ben Sansum
Grr Ian Moores
Pyra Katie Hubbard
Isobelle End Kathy Smith
Sound Chris Reay
Lighting Andrew Macken
Production Manager Steve Macken
Costumes Tabatha King & Jessica Benest

Absence of Reason

Plot devised by Matthew Wilson

Script by Rob Bowen

662 Shannon Hogan
663 Sharon Calcutt
664 Dave Bermingham
665 Matthew Wilson
666 Rob Bowen
667 Suzie Buckley
Dark Man Jon Lunt
Controller Paul Wilson
Stage Manager Katherine Francis
Lighting Piers Sanders & Brad Hopkins
Sound Paul Wilson

Sunshine Square : Episode 5 : A Death Wish

Written & Directed by the Group

Chris Lizzie Weare
Sandra Alison Lister
Uncle Geoff Chris Davidson
Aunt Tess Catherine Jeffcock
Mrs. Lewis Helen Bowman
Kate Becky Sharman
Ollie Nick Butterfield
Barry Richard Morris
Friends Gary Boon; Chris Gurney
Stage Manager Claire Tonks
Lighting & Sound Sally Davies
Costume & Props The Cast
Programme Jane Twydle

Burnham Trophy Team

Stage Manager Jane Dutton
Set Designer Mark Oldknow
Set Construction Members of YT
Sound Sally Davies
Lighting Jonathan Fowke

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