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The Owl and The Pussycat Went To See . . .

by David Wood and Sheila Ruskin

18th, 19th & 20th July 1996

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield


Owl Rowena Lennon
Pussycat Suzie Buckley
Dong Frances Taylor
Quangle-Wangle Ben Sansum
Mr. Canary Chris Gurney
Mrs. Canary Kirstie Lunn
Plum Pudding Flea Chris Davidson
Runcible Spoon Laureen Bell
Professor Bosh James Rider
Pig Andrew Benstock
Head Jumbly Jane Twydle
Jumbly Girl Gary Boon
Turkey Phil Jordan
Jumblies Vicky Heime & Peter Sharman
Fishes & Birds Sharon Calcutt, Louise Caudrelier & Becky Sharman
The Band
Piano Sheila Anderson
Saxophone Brad Hopkins
Clarinet Tabitha King
Flute Laren Bloxham
Drums Richard Morris
Bass Charlotte Heime
Director Richard Benstock
Associate Director Matt Wilson
Musical Directors Sally Davies & Charlotte Heime
Set Design Becky Sharman
Lighting Design Jonathan Fowke
Stage Manager Jane Dutton
ASMs Simon (Pilsbury) Gurney & Paul Wilson
Lighting Operator Lucy Hamlet
Sound Operator Alex Smith
Costumes Jessica Benest & Emma Sikora
Choreography Kirstie Lunn & Jane Twydle
   Assisted by Sheila Anderson
Make Up Holly Ducker & Catherine Jeffcock
Publicity Laura Finlayson
Box-Office Helen Sharman
FOH Manager Helen Wallace
Dave Farey, Mark Oldknow, Nicky Found, Karen Ogborn, Lizzie French, Steph Lennon, Kate French, Tracey Warren & members of YT

Information kindly supplied by Catherine Lambert and Dave Farey

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