The Young Theatre

Alice Through The Looking Glass

by Lewis Carroll

adapted by Phillip Sheahan

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

4 - 6 January 1996

by Lewis Carroll. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1996.
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Alice Emma Sikora
Mother Helen Sharman
White Kitten Suzie Buckley
Black Kitten Simon Gurney
White King Richard Benstock
White Queen Jane Dutton
Red King / Humpty-Dumpty Rob Diment
Red Queen Alison Lister
Red Pawn / Waiter Gary Boon
White Pawn / Fawn Sarah Benstock
Daisy / Pudding Kelly Jenner
Rose / Carpenter Frances Taylor
Violet / Walrus / Referee / Servant Cassie Bayley
Tigerlily Kirtie Lunn
Guard / Haigha / Frog Andrew Benstock
Gentleman / Hatta Laura Scott
Horse / Sheep Jane Twydle
Beetle Ben Castagnoli
Goat / Unicorn Laura Finlayson
Gnat Chris Gurney
Tweedledum Chris Davidson
Tweedledee Jon Lunt
Narrator Rowena Lennon
Lion Shannon Hogan
Red Knight Tim Rogers
White Knight Ben Sansum
Mutton Jordan Jenner
Other characters played by members of the company
Directors Steph Lennon & Steph Cox
Set Design Mark Oldknow & Steph Lennon
Lighting Design Jonathan Fowke
Costume Design Becky Sharman
Production Manager Mark Oldknow
Stage Manager Matt Wilson
Asst. Stage Manager Matt Powers
Properties Chris Lambert & Ian Moores
Lighting Crew Chief Piers Sanders
Board Operator Daniel Hopkins
Sound Charlotte Heime & Nicky Ash
Stage Crew Piers Sanders, Richard Morris, Mark Richards & Isobel Stewart
Costume Team Becky Sharman, Sharon Calcutt, Alison Lister, Helen Wallace & Jane Twydle
Box Office James Rider
Front of House Design Tim Rogers & Gary Boon
Front of House Team Members of YT
Karen Ogborn, Andy White, Liz Beckmann, Neil Ridyard, Tim Hill & Graham Southgate
Cast & Crew Programme Cover Photographs  Press

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