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The Story of Snow-White

by Ian R. Wallace

5th, 6th & 7th January 1995

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield


Grandma Sheila Anderson
Children Gemma Burke, Sally Davies & Sophie Stockley
Queen Sabra Sophie Harrison
Ameliaranne Steph Cox
Abigail Emma Sikora
Snow White Gabby Vautier
The King David Jefferies
Lord Chamberlain Katie Gourd
Major Domo Matthew Wilson
Prince Florizel Martin Davidson
Edmund Matt Powers
Martyn James Ryder
Eloise Helen Wallace
Willow Jessica Benest
Jasmine Laura Finlayson
Tree Sprites Frances Taylor, Laura Scott, Robert Allen & Hugh Evans
Witch Gareth Benest
Haroux Chris Lambert
Ruxtor Ben Sansum
Doc Nikki Carroll
Happy Susie Buckley
Dopey Jane Dutton
Grumpy Gary Boon
Bashful Martha Gourd
Sneezy Becky Sharman
Sleepy Stuart Kirtley
Lady Felicity Mordandon Natalie Schwartz
Duke of Lamborgini Sharon Calcutt
Lord Pressdown Robert Allen
Eustace Jane Twydle
Servant Cassie Jeffcock
Snatchum Catherine Jeffcock
Spook Rosalind Allen
Voice of Mirror Mark Oldknow
Director Danielle Benest
Assistant Director Catherine Lambert
Production Manager Graham Southgate
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
DSM Jonathan Fowke
ASMs James Lipscombe, Isobel Stewart & Marcel Ridyard
LX & FX Designer Jonathan Fowke
Lighting Crew Mark Richards & Piers Sanders
Follow Spot Daniel Hopkins
Set Design Graham Southgate
Sound Stephan Sanders
Properties Stacy Burke & Tracey warren
Costumes Alison Lister, Katie Hubbard & Becky Sharman
Publicity Caitlin Hughes
Noticeboard James Bradbury
Programme Marcel Ridyard

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