The Young Theatre

Black Comedy

By Peter Schaffer

YT Summer Project

3rd & 4th September 1993

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield
By Peter Schaffer. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1993.
Cast & Crew Poster Press

Brindsley Miller David Jefferies
Carol Melkett Lis Brownbill
Miss Furnival Clare McKenna
Colonel Melkett Laurence Markham
Harold Gorringe Hugh Markham
Clea Rebecca Bermingham
Schuppanzigh Nick Barber
George Bamberger James Lipscombe
Director Sam Buckles
Assistant Director Dave Farey
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
Sound Mark Richards
Lighting Anton Machacek & Michael Roberts
Set Design Jo John & Andy White
Front of House Members of YT
Cakes Tea & Tap Girls Limited
Programme & Poster Print and Paper Unlimited
With additional help from:
Kate Barber, Lauren Barber, Simon Batts, Gareth Benest, Stephanie Cox, Claire Jones, Stephanie Lennon, James Lipscombe, Amber Mosdell, Karen Ogborn, Matthew Powers, Ben Sansum, Graham Southgate, Sophie Stockley & Isobel Stewart

Information kindly supplied by Catherine Lambert and Dave Farey

Cast & Crew Poster Press

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