The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy


19th & 20th July 1991

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

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Adjudicators: John Davies & Neil Ridyard

Winning play was:- Intrusion (determined by the audience vote)

Psychic Sproggs presented


Written by Hari Rhys-Williams; Vicky Chapman & members of the group

Jo Kate Barber
Mandi Sally Townsend
Neil Rhodri Jones
Sam Kirsty Boon
Zac Gareth Benest
The Children Stephanie Cox; Haidee Sheahan & Ben South
Directed by Dave Farey
Lighting Anton Macachek
Sound Adrian South
Production Co-ordinator Danielle Benest
Programme & Set Design Jo John
Stage Managers Richard Monninton & Paul Wilson
Props & Costume The Group

The Group With No Name presented

Daddy‘s Coming Home

Written by Alwyn Jones; Paul Wilson; Rebecca Bermingham; Robert Tapley; Carla Quech & Katie Bowler

Paper Boy Claire Jones
Ethel Briggs Daniella Hutton-Penman
Emily Briggs Helen Wallace
Jean Stafford Sam Buckles
Mary Davis Rebecca Bermingham
Rosie Stanworth Sophie Rogers
Gwendolyn Potter Carla Quelch
Directed by Katie Bowler
Stage Manager David Jefferies
Stage Assistant Richard Monnington
Production Coordinator Paul Wilson
Lighting Anton Macachek
Lighting Team Cathy Woolcott & Alwyn Jones
Sound Andrew Chisholm
Sound Assistant Lawrence Markham
Make-Up & Hair Paige Bell
Props Team Haidee Sheahan; Robert Tapley & Gemma Stockley
Costume Team Stephanie Lennon & Tanya Baker
Front-of-House & Box-Office Rosy Wendover

Presented by the Group on both evenings, but not as part of the competition:

Something Completely Different

A short revue comprising sketches and a monologue involving:
Jo John, Paul Wilson, Laurence Markham, Geoff Freeman, Dave Farey,
Vicky Chapman, David Jefferies, Helen Sharman, & Alwyn Jones.

Lights & Sound - Adrian South
Make-up - Rebecca Wallace & Debbie Lewis
Devised and Directed by Andrew Chisholm and Alwyn Jones.

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