The Young Theatre

The Good, the Bad and the …

A Social Evening

Saturday, 24th November 1990

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

A Social Evening by the Young Theatre in November 1990.
Cast & Crew Programme Cover

Out of The Frying Pan

By David Campton

A Mike Jefferies
B Peter Machin

Directed by Mike Jefferies & Peter Machin

The Black Widow

By Helen Sharman

Vilene Decrepit, a corrupt, lecherous woman Lis Brownbill
Squire Cosmo Decrepit, a crumbled lepidopterist Alwyn Jones
Ivor Butterwick, a man with a strange weakness Gareth Benest
Abigail, his innocent niece and a fair maiden Kirsty Boon
Mark Christmas, a dashing hero Richard Monnington
Will Sumner, an honest Yorkshire lad Paul Wilson
Gloria Winter, a bright young thing Jo John
Priest Andy Morris
Constable Danny Whiting
- and starring Tiddles, a dog

Directed by Dave Farey

Lights Graham Southgate
Sound Adrian South
Music (Black Widow) Prof. Logic

Information kindly supplied by Catherine Lambert and Dave Farey

Cast & Crew Programme Cover

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