The Young Theatre

The Evil Eye of Gondor

by Brian Owen

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

April 1988

by Brian Owen. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1988.
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Programme cast listing Progcast1Progcast2
Pip Tanya Baker
Grub Chris Ratcliffe
Mayor Graham Field
Storyteller Juliet Grieve
Stranger Geoff Brown
Roth Ryan Witney
Brasnov Tim Browne
Kafka Maria Askew
Maria Elisabeth Brownbill
Rowan Andrew Chisholm
Jo Sophie Hurst
Scamp Gareth Benest
Big Harry Jonathan Snellgrove
Mack Sean Taylor
1st Villager Angharad Rhys-Williams
2nd Villager Richard Hoar
3rd Villager Derek Field
Villagers Karen Ogborn, Simon Snellings & Vivienne Young
1st Outlaw Beverley Gunster
2nd Outlaw Sarah Parsons
3rd Outlaw Richard Cayzer
Outlaws Catherine Thomas & Mathew Wright
Guardians Mark Britton, Gina Clarke, Anne-Marie Crawford, Richard Pendered, Stephen Holyer & Matthew Metcalf
Produced & Directed by Hayley Brown & Clare Murrell
Set Design Ian R. Wallace
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
Assistant Stage Managers Adrian South & Stephen Holyer assisted by members of the company
Sound Paul Bacon
Assistant Duncan Fairgrieve
Lighting Tim Hill
Assistant James Burkhardt
Costumes Gina Clarke
Props Danielle Benest
Make-Up Ally Hill
Advertising Leona Graham
Front of House Nicki Walsh
Cast & Crew Poster Programme Cover Press

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