The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)


10th & 11th July 1987

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators   |  Launderette Blues   |  Time Out   |  The Return of Captain Silas Seedy   |  Support Team   |  Burnham Trophy

Adjudicators:Friday: David Owen
  Saturday:Johnny Ball
This one-act play competition was a pre-cursor to the creation of the Burnham Trophy, which began in 1988
The winning play was (we think) The Return of Captain Seedy
which was subsequently developed and taken on the South Coast Tour that same year.

Out of the Woodwork presented Laundrette Blues

Nicholas (aged 23) Andrew Brimelow
Mrs. B. Kate Till
Nicholas (aged 9) Gareth Benest
Susan (aged 9) Sophie Hurst
Mel Karen Ogborn
Ros Maria Askew
Nicholas (aged 14) Jonathan Snelgrove
Susan (aged 14) Elizabeth Brownbill
Nicholas (aged 17) Jeremy Murrell
Susan (aged 23) Hayley Brown
Written, Directed & Producedby the Cast
Set / Sound Duncan Fairgrieve
Props / Costume / Lights Danielle Benest

Cut ‘N’ Run presented Time Out

Zed Peter Machin
Lionel Matthew Humberstone
Vera Vicky Mann
Rita Jo Sherriff
Sue Suzie Asinall
Cathy Andrea Platt
Sarah Tanya Baker
Jane Vicky Chapman
Mrs. Sponge Clare Murrell
Directed & Produced by Peter Machin & Clare Murrell
Costumes & Make-Up The Cast
Lighting & Sound Robert McManus & Russell Brownbill

Rejects on Hope presented The Return of Captain Silas Seedy

Silas Seedy Royston Northridge
Oliver Grove Host Rick Warden
Ivy Leaf Alex Dobson
Grout Peter Fison
PC1 James Burkhardt
PCW2 Anna Fairgrieve
PCW3 Helen White
Desk Sergeant Mathew Wright
Messenger Rebecca Wallace
Director Royston Northridge
Script Royston Northridge & Rick Warden
Script Typist Gina Clarke
Crew Jo Till


Technical Manager Alec Siddall
Assisted by Stephen Holyer & Adrian South
Production Coordinator Alec Siddall
Production Secretary Hayley Brown

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