The Young Theatre

Snow Queen

by Ian R. Wallace

with music by Alan Kingshott

The Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

8th, 9th, 10th January 1987

by Ian R. Wallace. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1987.
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This ‘play with music’ written and directed by Ian R.Wallace with music by Alan Kingshott was performed by THE YOUNG THEATRE at Beaconsfield on 8th, 9th & 10th January 1987 at the Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield - and was one of the more ‘complicated’ to be staged by the group! Not only did it have one of the largest number of participants, onstage and behind the scenes, but it was also one of the most complex productions staged at the Curzon Centre - requiring some fourteen different sets, including an ‘in-vision’ transformation scene - not to mention an erupting vulcano!! Fittingly, it also snowed quite heavily on the night of the first performance!

The opening night was sponsored by Beaconsfield Lions.

Home Pre-Press Poster & Ticket Programme Cover Cast Musicians & Crew Photographs Press

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