The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s entries into drama festivals in Chalfont, Maidenhead  & Northampton (Divisional Final)


April-May 1984

Chalfont, Maidenhead & Northampton (Divisional Final)

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Flies In July

A Dramatisation of Guy de Maupassant’s short story “Mouche”

by Mike Wicherek

Cast: Bart Mark Oldknow
P.B. Tim Palmer
Tim Ian Wagge
Toby Andrew Chatfield
Musicians: Clarinet Eleanor Jackson
   Flute Jane Harris
   Guitar Paul Dean
Directed by Mike Wicherek
Lighting by Mark Laws

This original play was initially road-tested at a Social Evening in November 1982 - and then again at the Windor Arts Centre in the same month. It was here entered at Maidenhead and Chalfont Festivals and it qualified for the AETF Divisional Final in Northampton:

1st May
Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy
Aubrey Harding Trophy
Youth Drama Trophy
2nd May
Silver Jubilee Shield Tim Palmer (Jointly with Georgina Harvey in Fallen Angels)
Graham Cup
All England E Divisional Final,
Thomas Becket RC Upper School, Northampton
12th May

This play was then performed again at the Windor Arts Centre and then at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 1983, when it was directed by Kathryn Gold.

Home Flies in July Fallen Angels Festival Successes

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