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South Coast Tour 1981

1st - 13thAugust 1981

Undertaken by the Young Theatre in 1981.
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The Dumb Waiter

by Harold Pinter

Gus Richard Harwood
Ben Mark Taylor
Directed by Richard Harwood & Mark Taylor
Assisted by Ian Wagge
The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter at Amazon

The Sordid Revenge Of Captain Seedy

Grandma‘s Dilemma

Captain Silas Seedy Tony Barker
Chastity Lorraine Patterson
Grunt Mark Taylor
Grandma John Varah
Polly Claire Phillips
Gordon Mark Oldknow
Ostrick Paul Bacon
Vicar Patrick Duffy

Ritual For Dolls

by George MacEwan Green

JoJo Paul Bacon
Arabella Pamela Redwood
Golly Richard Harwood
Bravo Patrick Duffy
Directed by Mark Britton
Ritual for Dolls by George MacEwan Green at Amazon

Plus: Street Theatre

Tour Manager Mark Britton
Stage Managers Chris Feasey & Julian Britton
Lighting John Varah
Sound Dave Allen
Props Catherine Holroyd
Costumes & Make-Up Carol Claridge, Caroline Thorpe & Kathryn Gold
Home Press Cast & Crew Photographs  Posters

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