The Young Theatre

The Deserted House

by T.B.Morris

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

31 Apr - 2 May 1981

by T.B.Morris. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1981.
Cast & Crew Press photo

Programme extract
Programme extract

Antoinette Sarah Collins
Pierre Mark Oldknow
Henri David Worley
Marie Lucinda Smalley
Jeanne Amanda Brown
Kathy Karen Wells
Delphine Helen Dean
Georges Tim Palmer
Lieutenant Keller Michael Duffy
Corporal Tieck Ian Terry
Captain Weiner Duncan McDougall
Directed by Sally Harwood
Senior Production Assistant Nicole Skudder
Production Assistant Caroline Thorpe
Technical Manager John Varah
Stage Design C.M.Hulls
Stage Manager David Butcher
ASMs Kevin Ogilvie, Gary Jenner & Chris Feasey
Lighting John Varah
Sound Kevin Ogilvie
Properties Nicole Skudder
Wardrobe Supervisor Sally Harwood
Make-Up Petra Baker
Publicity Julian Britton & Mark Taylor
Graphics Helen Dean
Box-Office Chris Barry & Mark Taylor
FOH Manager Mark Britton

Emily Hone was due to have played the role of Marie, but was called away to film her role in Evil Under The Sun (with Peter Ustinov and Maggie Smith amongst others) therefore Lucinda Smalley stepped into this role at short notice.

Emily Hone  in Evil Under The Sun with Peter Ustinov
Still from film Evil Under the Sun: Emily Hone with Peter Ustinov

Cast & Crew Press photo

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