The Young Theatre


by Roger Holman and Simon May

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

7 - 10 January, 1981

by Roger Holman and Simon May. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1981.
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Directed by Mark Britton
Musical Director Sheila Anderson
Assistant Director Sally Harwood
Senior Production Assistant Nicole Skudder
Production Assistants Richard Harwood, Chris Barry, Natalie Courtney‑Guy, Helen Dean, Caroline Thorpe & Corrine May
Publicity/Design/Graphics Mark Taylor & Julian Britton
Box Office Chris Barry & Julian Britton
Front of House Manager Anthony Barry
Assistant Chris Feasy
Choreography Shelley Stoddard
Assistants Lucinda  Smalley & Grainne Donnelly
Technical Director John Varah
Stage Manager Dennis Carter
ASMs Dave Allen, Garry Jenner, Julian Britton & Kevin Ogilvie
Stage Design Diane Weldon
Lighting John Varah & Alec Siddall
Sound Kevin Ogilvie
Properties Debbie Cutler & Alayne Barrack
Costume Design Sally Harwood
Make-Up Petra Baker & Carol Claridge
Assistants for Costume & Make-Up Angela  Haslem, Sarah Stanworth, Georgina Harvey, Lorraine Patterson, Sian Usher, Helen Dean & Natalie Courtney‑Guy
Stage Crew Giles Britton, Tim Gray, Patrick Duffy &, Adrian Bower
Home Pre-Press Cast Production Team Photographs  Press Libretto @ Amazon

Young Theatre
The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) - Historical Information and a link to the Beaconsfield Group's own home page with the Box Office for new productions
The Young Theatre (Harrow). Historical Information.
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