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The Story of Snow White

By Ian R. Wallace

Music by Alan Kingshott

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

10th, 11th & 12th January 1980

By Ian R. Wallace. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1980.
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Grandma Aviva Wiseman
Children Jane Harris, Claire Bower, Matthew Glover & Timothy Gray
Queen Sabra Georgina Harvey
Abigail, her maid Lucinda Smalley
Ameliaranne, her daughter Tessa Lee
Snow-White, her step-daughter Lorraine Patterson
King Roland II Anthony Barry
Lord Chamberlain Chris Barry
Major Domo Philippa Neal
Lady Felicity Mordandon Kathryn Gold
Lord Presdonn Garry Jenner
Lady Presdonn Corinne May
Prince Eustace Gary Bell
Prince Florizel of Bartefiore Ian Wagge
Edmond, his companion Edward Thornton
1st Servant Rebecca Davies
2nd Servant Hannah Jones
Party Guests Vivienne Williams, Fiona Whittome & Karen Sethi
Martyn, the Forester Mark Britton
Eloise, Queen of the Forest Feople Natalie Courtney-Guy
Willowmena, an apprentice Tree-Sprit Alayne Barrack
Jasmine Sarah Stannorton
Begonia Claire Phillips
Forest People & Tree-Sprites Kimberley Taylor, Katherine Holroyd, Samantha Ramsden, Emily Hone, Corinne May, Fiona Wittome, Vivienne Williams, Karen Sethi & Kathryn Gold
Doc Tim Palmer
Happy Alvin Richards
Grumpy Gordon Bates
Sneezy Mark White
Sleepy Peter Machin
Bashful Lucy Stewart
Dopey Amanda Brown
The Witch of the Black Mountains Sarah Collins
Harux, a Troll Mark Oldknow
Ruxton, another Troll Richard Harwood
Spook Gary Bell
The Snatchum Gary Jenner
Home Pre-Press Poster & Ticket Programme Cast Crew Photographs  Press

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