The Young Theatre


A Revue

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

3 - 6 January 1979

A Revue. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1979.
Cast & Crew Programme Cover Ticket

Programme extract
Programme extract

The following members appeared in this production:

Tony Barker, Anthony Barry, Christopher Barry, Alane Barrack, Gary Bell, Sarah Bing, Claire Bower, Barbara Brant, Mark Briton, Louise Clark, Sarah Collins, Rebecca Davies, Patrick Duffy, Chri Feasey, Nick Fitzwilliam, Jane Fryers, Anne Harris, Georgina Harvey, RichardHarwood, Emily Hone, Gary Jenner, Hanna Jones, Tessa Lee, Corrinne May, Philippa Neal, Mark Oldknow, Sarah-Jane Palmer, Lorraine Patterson, Clare Phillps, Margaret Reakes, David Reakes, Alvin Richards, Crispin Smalley, Lucinda Smalley, Sarah Stanworth, Joanna Stewart, Lucy Stewart, Edward Thornton, Ian Wagge, Hilary White, Mark White, Fiona Whittome & Vivian Williams

Pianist Michelle Paterson
Dog Beaulah May
Directed by Gary Bell, Jenny Rakes & Mark Britton
Stage Manager Dennis Carter
Asst.Stage Manager & Technical Secretary Ian Wagge
Lighting John Varah & Alec iddall
Sound Jan Richards
Costume Hilary White, Philippa Nea & Sally White
Props Pamela Redwood & Aison Dugdale
Stage Crew Gary Bell, Chris Fasey, Adrian Bower, Morwen Case & Julian Britton
Publicity Anthony Barry, Gar Fell & Tim Palmer
Programme Tony Barker & Anthny Barry
Box Office Anthony Barry, Adran Bower & Tony Barker
Production Coordinator Mark Britton
Technical Manager Dennis Carter
Cast & Crew Programme Cover Ticket

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