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By Common Consent

By Paul Thompson

Harrow Arts Centre

26 - 28 April 1979

Cast & Crew Photographs Press

Oslaf Pete Barker
Widia Jim Holden
Guthlac Alastair S. Allen
Finn Mark strong
Eadwacer Paul Moran
Frederick Alan Wise
Wulf Jeremy Watkiss
Widsith Leslie Barnes
Girl Zone Leader Sheila Nicoll
Elene Liz Dell
Hildeburgh Kathryn Bravey
Zone Leader Thryth Sue James
Beaochild Marian Elder
Wudga Pete Harris
Sigeneow Wendy Speilman
Secca John Callanan
Theoderic Deborah Rubin
Eoin Mark Dixon
Official Jackie Beaumont
Clerk Paul Davis
Tea-Lady Nadine Baldwin
Farmer David Barker
Fisherman Andrew Penny
Priest John Callanan
Seumas Andrew Penny
Woman Sue James
Gregor Howard Newmark
Shona Diptl Patel
Tearlach Hannah Lubich
Railway Workers Pete Harris & Nadine Baldwin
Boys & Girls of the League of Youth, Road Workers, Farm labourers etc Joseph Papworth, Pete Harris, Howard Newmark, Steve Brown, Pat Walker, Jo Weinburg, Karen Evangeli, Wendy Speilman, Hannah Lubich, Diptl Patel, John Callanan, David Barker & Alison
Directed by Michael Williams
Production Manager Paul Moran
Lighting Dave Smart
Sound Paul Chaventre
Assisted by Andrew Nicoll
Production Team Ian Pearson, Matthew Edwards, Tony Briggs, Catherine Garrett & Anthony Cryer
Properties Pete Harris
Costumes Jackie Beaumont & Pete Barker
Front of House Susan Longdon
Box Office Anne Elder
Musicians Mark Dixon, Paul Davis & Jo Weinburg
All songs by Robert Campbell
- except for - The Girls Song & Theoderic & Eoin’s Song Paul Davis
Soundtrack recorded by Paul Chaventre


Paul Thompson’s celebrated play for The National Youth Theatre, By Common Consent is set in an unnamed country sometime in the future where a League of Youth has been established as keepers of law and order to restore moral and political order. But the system has gone beyond the volountary. No-one outside the League of Youth can hope to get a university place, a house or a good job. Within the League a stern group ethic and iron discipline plus a total rejection of individuality are the tools being used to rebuild society after the great Economic Collapse. But when Zone 8 are chosen to officiate at a public execution—“in order to get unity and moderation, one must execute extremists”—the discipline cracks; and the boys of City Zone 8 are in disgrace when four of their members desert to join the ‘terrorists’ in the North.

Anything sound familiar ??!

Cast & Crew Photographs Press

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