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(three one-act plays)

1 & 2 June 1973

St Luke's Hall, Pinner

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Lord Byron's Love Letter

by Tennessee Williams


directed by Suzanne Cowley

The Old Lady Tracey Wilde
Ariadne Debbie Heaton
The Matron Kay Koré
The Husband Jim Culverhouse

The Laboratory

by David Campton


directed by Jim Culverhouse

Gabriotti, an apothecary Andrew Kitchen
Emilia, his cook Jill Horrocks
Alberto da Brescia, a court official John Graham
Violante del Ponte Nero, his mistress Sarah Bamford
Giannett da Brescia, his wife Jacquie Russell

In Need of Care

by David E. Rowley


directed by Margaret Tweedy

Shirley Claire Toeman
Rita Terina Bennan
Jeff Robert Glenister
Nobby Martin Samuels

Backstage Team for All Three Plays

Lighting Alan Highet
Sound Lawrence Hartwell
Stage Manager Philippa Kitchen
Costumes Ann Clark
Technical Coordinator Jacquie Russell
Home Photo & Review

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