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by Jacquie Russell

St. Alban‘s Church Hall, North Harrow

11th & 12th May 1973

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As no programme is available, the following cast & crew list has been compiled from other sources. If there are any errors or omissions please let us know.

Miss Smith Judith Jeeves
Miss Briggs Helena Lammel
Captain Windsor Jeffrey Cole
Kit Jeremy Watkiss
Jo Janet Fiferman
Pip Elizabeth Franklin
Lenny (Ian Foot or David Gully)
(Unknown) (Ian Foot or David Gully)
Stupid John Pillar
Professor Dena Mant
Her henchman Clive Saunders
Scientist Andrew Kitchen
Chief Bobbin Paul Hyams
Wise-One Catherine Smith
QuickToes Daniel Gloor
Bobbins Rebecca Miller, Jacob Gloor, Matthew Gloor, Chadu Udechuku, Clive Mulligan & Phillip Gulley
Directed by Jacquie Russell
Set Design Andrew Kitchen
Props Phillipa Kitchen & Rowena Gura
Costumes Janet Gwyn
Lighting Kay Koré
Sound Lawrence Hartwell

The information presented here is all we currently know about this production. If you know anything else, or have a box in your loft which does, please get in touch.

With thanks to Jacqui Russell

Cast & Crew Photographs  Press

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