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Alice Through The Looking Glass

By Lewis Carroll

Adapted for the stage by Ian R. Wallace

4th, 5th & 6th January 1973

Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

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1973-Alice-Photo1Alice (Sally White) with the Flowers (Penny Tomkins; Susan Hansom; Helen Chapman; Edwina Jamieson; Tracy Jamieson; Maxine Wood & Suzanne Wood)
Alice goes through Q's 3rd by Railway (with Pawns Joanna Barraclough; David Irwin; Geraldine Ward & Kirsten Anderson)1973-Alice-Photo2
1973-Alice-Photo3Alice & the Pawns watch the White Knight (Mark Britton) & Red Knight (Nicolas Emerson) prepare to do battle
The Picturebook Tableau of Alice's Tea Party with the White Queen (Diana Holland) and the Red Queen (Nicola Holland) sitting either side of the newly 'queened' Alice1973-Alice-Photo4
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