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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

by C.S.Lewis

Adapted by Kay Koré John Thurley & Ian R. Wallace

by special permission of the Dramatic Publishing Company of Chicago

Burnham Hall, Beaconsfield

6, 7, 8 January 1972

by C.S.Lewis. Performed by the Young Theatre in 1972.
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in order of appearance
Peter Nicholas Emerson
Susan Felicity Wiseman
Lucy Philippa Hough
Edmund David Blott
Mr.Tummus, a faun Tim Orlik
Jadis, the White Witch Penny Harwood
The White Dwarf Jane Beacroft
Professor Digory Kirke Ian McFarlane
Mr. Beaver Nigel Davies
Mrs. Beaver Moira Herridge
Maugrim, Captain of the Police Suzanne Graves
Stone Statue: Lion Elizabeth Wiseman
Stone Statue: Dwarf David Barnard
Stone Statue: Unicorn Judith Chapman
Stone Statue: Naiad Lynne Jamieson
The Black Dwarf Geraldine Ward
Father Christmas Graham Morgan
Dwarf Attendants Caroline Blyth & Judy Lucas
Mr. Fox Nicola Holland
Mr. Squirrel Virginia Hobbs
Red Dwarf David Barnard
Mrs. Squirrel Suzanne Sharpe
Baby Squirrel Suzanne Wood
Satyr David Irwin
Aslan Paul Roach
1st Leopard Sian Case
2nd Leopard Morwen Case
Unicorn Catherine Stanborough
Naiads & Dryads Audrey Renton, Sian Sully, Susan Hansom, Tracy Jamieson, Edwina Jamieson, Susan Blott, Nicole Skudder, Gillian Logue & Lynne Jamieson
2nd Wolf Beverley Turner
Ghouls, Hags, Spectres, Ogres, Imps etc Tim Orlik, Sian Case, Nicola Holland, Sian Scully, Suzanne Graves, Virginia Hobbs, Suzanne Sharpe, Suzanne Wood, David Barnard, David Irwin, Elizabeth Wiseman, Judith Chapman, Morwen Case, Catherine Stanborough, Beverley Turner, Gillian Logue, Lynne Jamieson, Audrey Renton, Tracey Jamieson, Edwina Jamieson, Susan Hansom, Judy Lucas, & Caroline Blyth
Attendants Suzanne Sharpe, Virginia Hobbs, Nicola Holland & Suzanne Graves
Ian McFarlane & Graham Morgan are members of the Beaconsfield New Theatre Group
Home Cast Crew Photographs  Press & Tickets Press Extracts LWW @ Amazon

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