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Toad of Toad Hall

by A.A. Milne

Music by H. Fraser-Simson

14th, 15th & 16th December 1967

St. Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow
by A.A. Milne. Music by H Fraser-Simson. 14th, 15th, 16th December 1967. St Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow
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Directed by Ian R. Wallace
Assistant Director Julia Fryer
Musical Director Christopher Hobbs
Choreography Kay Koré
Stage Director Kay Koré
Sets Supervisor & Deputy Stage Manager John Thurley
Property Master Peter Lock
ASMs Sandi Legg, Ian Ross, John Ryan & Graham Fryer
Lighting & Sound Engineers Ken Phillips & Ray Stevens
Scenic Design Bruce Liddington, Kay Koré & Ian Wallace
Wardrobe Mistress Susan Lock
MakeUp Supervisor Penny Worsfold
Wardrobe & Make-Up Assistants Andrea Begg, Jane Davis, Mary Goodes, Rosemary Hippsley, Susan Pressman & Sue Randell
Box-Office Julia Fryer
Publicity Bruce Liddington, Ray Stevens & Ian Wallace
Hall Management David Jones
Orchestra [who recorded all the music used in this production]
Violin Angela Bouette, Hazel Chilton, Rachelle Goldberg & Stephen Ladder
Viola Rosemary Lundberg & Christopher Smith
Cello Ian Campbell & David Firman
Clarinet Caroline Dix
Flute Lynn Taylor
Oboe Marion Friend
Horn Ian Hennessy
Bassoon Robin Friel
Piano Ian Hooker
Leader of the Orchestra Vincent Raves
Conductor Alan Cutts
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