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by Margaret Harding

St.Alban's Church Hall, North Harrow

Friday, 20th May at 7.45pm and

3.00pm on Saturday, 21st May 1966

by Margaret Harding. St.Alban's Church Hall, North Harrow. 21st May 1966
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Peter Ian Worsfold
Tom Neil Saunders
Jean Susan Pressman
Stagehand Marcus Rixon
William Shakespeare Martin Wallace
Fairy Queen Julia Fryer
Prince Andrew Kitchen
Princess Rosemary Hippsley
1st Courtier Mary Goodes
2nd Courtier Stephen Barlow
Witch Linda Bradley
1st Fairy Margaret Tweedy
2nd Fairy Eileen Houlahan
3rd Fairy Ann Morris
1st Goblin Anne Derby
2nd Goblin Carol Braham
Fairies Kashmira Amin, Claire Barnden, Gillian Derby and Shirley Braham
Goblins Patricia Bradley and Clive Davis
Courtiers Jean Abbott, Jane Barnden, Andrea Begg, John Bradley, Stephen Burwood, Nigel Davis, Judith Eakins, Jackie Fryer, Malcolm Fryer, Charles Hippsley, Trevor Kingham, Philippa Kitchen, Eveline Mestdjian and Alison Sandell
Coral Jean Abbott
Anemone Alison Sandell
Marina Linda Bradley
The Wise Dolphin Rosemary Hippsley
Starfish Captain Jane Barnden
Prince of the Arctic Seas Trevor Kingham
Prince of the Southern Seas John Bradley
Flying Fish Messenger Andrea Begg
Green-Eyed Sea-Serpent Julia Fryer
1st Starfish Mary Goodes
2nd Starfish Stephen Barlow
The Evil Octopus Andrew Kitchen
Crab Kashmira Amin
1st Swordfish Jackie Fryer
Sea-Captain Stephen Burwood
1st Sailor Charles Hippsley
2nd Sailor Philippa Kitchen
Cabin Boy Patricia Bradley
Starfish Guard Carol Braham, Nigel Davis, Anne Derby, Malcolm Fryer and Eveline Mestdjian
Swordfish Clive Davis, Judith Eakins and Eileen Houlahan
Sea-Urchins Claire Barnden, Shirley Braham, Gillian Derby, Ann Morris and Margaret Tweedy
Home Programme & ticket Cast Crew Photographs  Reviews Script @ Amazon

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