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St.Alban’s Junior Drama Group

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

By Lewis Carroll

Dramatised by V.A. Pearn

29th May 1965

at St. Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow
By Lewis Carroll. Dramatised by V.A. Pearn. Performed by St.Alban's Junior Drama Group in May, 1965
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The Courtroom scene - with  (L to R) Neil Saunders (White Rabbit), Ian Worsfold (King), Rosemary Hippsley (Queen), Linda Bradley (Alice) & Nicholas Slope (Knave of Hearts). Photo supplied by Graham Bishop - who played the Frog Footman (seen left-centre back half-hidden behind the four and seven of Clubs!).
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Linda Bradley (Alice).
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The Pack of Cards - with a young Andrew Kitchen (later to be Group Director) at the back - far right - clutching his axe!
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Julia Packer (The Mouse) sitting tells her tale to Linda Bradley (Alice)  watched by various Animals, including Philippa Kitchen - standing second left - and Margaret Tweedy - front second right.
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Linda Bradley (Alice) with Neil Saunders (White Rabbit).
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Cast & Crew Video Photographs  Press

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