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St.Alban’s Junior Drama Group

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

By Lewis Carroll

Dramatised by V.A. Pearn

29th May 1965

at St. Alban’s Church Hall, North Harrow
By Lewis Carroll. Dramatised by V.A. Pearn. Performed by St.Alban's Junior Drama Group in May, 1965
Cast & Crew Video Photographs  Press

Alice Linda Bradley
Alice’s Sister Penelope Worsfold
The Fish Footman Stephen Burwood
The Frog Footman Graham Bishop
The White Rabbit Neil Saunders
The Mouse Julia Packer
Bill Lizard Charmian Tarrant
The Dodo Martin Wallace
The Canary Ann Morris
Little Canary Margaret Tweedy
The Owl Anne Derby
The Cook Gillian Steward
The Duchess Penelope Worsfold
The Queen of Hearts Rosemary Hippsley
The Knave of Hearts Nicolas Slope
The March Hare Geoffrey Bath
The Mad Hatter Martin Wallace
The Dormouse Amanda Slope
Two of Spades Pamela Hodgson
Five of Spades Ann Myers
Seven of Spades Sarah Wakeford
The King of Hearts Ian Worsfold
The Gryphon Robert Baker
The Mock Turtle Julia Fryer
Executioners, Soldiers & Royal Children Andrew Kitchen, Clive Saunders, John Bradley, Patricia Bradley, Carol Braham, Christopher Browning, Malcolm Fryer, Gary Goulden, Stephen Packer, Grant Saunders & John Williams
Animals, Officials & Members of the Jury Claire Barnden, Jane Barnden, Clare Beeby, Jane Cooper, Rona Courtney, Judith Edkins, Jackie Fryer, Mary Goodes, Carol Greenaway, Sheila Hills, Philippa Kitchen & Susan Pressman
Directed by Ian R. Wallace
Stage Management Tim Balkwill & Dave Maskell
Stage Lighting Ken & Stan Phillips
Costumes Parents of the Cast
Make-Up Supervision Muriel & Valerie Austen
Pianist Wyn Arle
Alice’s Understudy Mary Goodes
Cast & Crew Video Photographs  Press

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