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Summer 2017

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Tim Hill through the ages
Tim Hill says:  Welcome to the summer edition and the first of 2017. I thought it was time I drew a line and noted the shows which have been amended or added to the Archive since the last newsletter at Christmas. I'm not going to bother you with all the bug fixes and minor tweaks which have taken place: masochists can examine the site's history to see exactly which files have changed but, in short, the new shows are: Relationships, Billy Liar, Funny Bones, What Greater Glory, Dick Whittington & His Cat, 1984 and Festivals 2017. The productions with notable amendments are Alice - 1968, Noah's Flood, aesop's Falables, South Coast Tour - 1981, South Coast Tour - 1987, Ball Boys and Rosencrantz. Those amendments range from a tidy up to the addition of new photos, or some photos which had previously been available via a third-party link which has vanished like smoke or some were driven by a script which uses graphics routines which have been disabled on the server. What was it that I was taught about trusting others? ;-)
In addition to all the production related stuff we inevitably end up with a few photos or documents which don't really have a home so we have started adding them to two Miscellaneous sections, one each for Harrow and Beaconsfield. Please take a look to see if you can provide any missing information. Some of this stuff is a bit of a mystery to Ian and me.

There have even been some changes to the main navigation and some later photos have been added to the ever-changing image on the Archive's home page. There have been various items of XYT News over the past few months too: let us know what you've been up to. Even the Timeline of Group and Artistic Directors has been updated.

As usual, if you have a pointer and hover over each icon below, you will learn more about it from its tool-tip. Or just click or press any of them and explore. I thought I'd also remind you that there's another web site you may find useful, particularly if you can't remember that the Group is …org.uk and the Archive is …co.uk. Open the URL youngtheatre.uk and you will be presented with a simple choice but before you choose, drag the small YT icon from the address bar to the Taskbar from Edge or Internet 'Exploder' (or to a Windows 10 Tile). As well as providing a shortcut to both web sites, it has the the same Taskbar menu items as many Archive pages so is your ideal gateway to the Young Theatre's web sites and Box Office.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please get in touch.

On 29.7.17 The Archive site details 178 major YT productions and has 7,682 files amounting to 887MB spread across 980 directories.

Alice in Wonderland- 1968 - Harrow
Noah's Flood - 1972 - Harrow
Relationships - 1973 - Harrow
aesop's Falables - 1976 - Harrow
South Coast Tour - 1981
Billy Liar - 1983
South Coast Tour - 1987
Ball Boys - 2004
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead
Funny Bones - 2012
What Greater Glory
Dick Whittington & His Cat
1984 - 2017
Festivals 2017
Miscellaneous - Harrow
Miscellaneous - Beaconsfield

If you can add names or any information, or to add your YT photos!
Contact us and send your stuff


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