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April 2013

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Tim Hill through the ages
Tim Hill says: I wouldn't normally expect to follow one Archiver so quickly with another but there is some haste needed here. To cut a long story short, you are being asked to sign a petition so we can take the first steps to securing Beaconsfield a piece of land to build a community theatre. You need to do this soon, ideally now, and certainly before the 16 April. Please. If you agree, please go to  aTheatre4Beaconsfield.org  and sign their petition
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From: Graham Southgate

Sent: Wednesday, April 03

To: Everyone

As some of you will be aware, I belong to all 4 theatre groups in Beaconsfield and generally love what I do with each group.

What I don't like is lack of access to a quality theatrical space, and know that many of you feel likewise.

There is a possibility that the council can be persuaded to allocate some land within the Wilton Park development (what is currently The Ministry of Defence School of Languages in Old Beaconsfield), but only if we ask with a loud enough voice - at the moment we are whispering in the wings...if they can hear us at all....

I think each group does a great job with the resources that it has to hand, but an independent home dedicated to theatre is what I believe we should all be striving for, that can be run for the benefit of the substantial theatrical and arts community in Beaconsfield.

THERE IS NO SUGGESTION OF ANY FORM OF MERGER OF ANY OF THE GROUPS. The groups already co-operate, and the majority of the actors have worked with multiple groups, and this is particularly true for the technicians. Each group already shares its rehearsal home with other activities. Wouldn't it be great to share your home with other theatrical activities.

All we are asking is that all the groups co-operate to lobby the council and Inland Homes to allocate land to us in their plans.

If you agree, please go to  aTheatre4Beaconsfield.org  and sign the petition - it is the big blue button on every page. Put in a comment if you wish, but most of all please sign the petition. There is lots of details and suggestions on that site as well.

This is not a short term plan. If the council do say yes, we will have several years of planning and fund raising to fulfil a dream - we are really looking to future generations to benefit from our work now.

Please, please support this endeavour and the petition.

If you agree with this - please feel free to forward it as you see fit, edit etc.. Please just spread the word.

Thank you



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