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Welcome to our email newsletter ePrompt which you have received as you have expressed a wish to receive email from The Young Theatre. My intention is to send no more than one message a month to keep you up to date on both the Young Theatre's activities and updates to its website, including the Young Theatre Archive. This message is compiled and distributed by Tim Hill, Webmaster and Hon. Vice President.

ePrompt, October, 2006

Updates to the YT Website

The Young TheatreSince the last edition a few important bits and pieces have been added to the website. This includes the 2006-7 programme, and the results from the AGM. Many thanks to Ian for poking me with the necessary e-stick. His and the other awards obviously well-deserved. Ballboys too has had a few additions, thanks to more photos of silverware. I have also rationalised ePrompt's own corner of the web-site so back issues can be found more easily. Links to all these various areas appear below.

Keep in Touch

The entire Executive Committee should have their YT email addresses up and working by now so you can contact them simply by preceding as follows:

Nell Charleston
Alex Firth shop
Cameron Gower-Pooletreasurer
Elliot Blagden social
Helen Staunton secretary
Jen McSloy marketing
Martin Haswell technical
Michael Ivens membership
Mark Oldknow artisticdirector
Helen Sharman generalmanager
Ian R Wallace president
Tim Hill webmaster
I am sorry these are not clickable addresses but who can guarantee every recipients' computer is trojan-free? Nevertheless, please email postmaster@ (that's me too!) if you have trouble reaching anyone when writing to them about YT.


The Home Page
Where you will find details of this season, as well as the latest News. Watch out for new information about the forthcoming The Nineteenth HellMurder Mystery
The AGM Outcome
The Executive Committee
The Awards
Ball Boys
You will see a new ‘Awards Won’ link on the Ball Boys home page which leads to a complete list and photos of the awards won.
ePrompt's own archive.
This is where to read the latest edition. Even this edition may have changed by the time you read this. You may also find the next edition here when it becomes work-in-progress.

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