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The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Burnham Trophy


19th & 20th July 2001

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

The Burnham Trophy


Initial concept by Andy Macken

Written by Andy Macken & Simon ”Pils• Gurney
Tom Clem Silverman
Vicky Charlotte Little
Jack Mark Boon
Sarah Nikki Mathews
Jade Izzi Smith

Technical Team:-
Bridget Coles, Rosie Earp, Simon “Pils” Gurney, Jamie Ivens, Andy Macken, Aoife Morrin, Poppy Ross, & Katie Stewart.


[Group Original]
Michael Peter Sharman
Linda Jess Pengilly
Rachel Kathryn Barnes
Jennifer Lucy Finch
Inspector Jamie Jeffcock
P.C. Tori Cornwell
Newscaster Alex McFadyen
Newscaster Helen Sharman
Newscaster John Sharman
Judge Alex McFadyen
Stage Management Martin Haswell
Crew Charlie Price & Rhiannon Little
Sound Gary Boon
Lights Alex McFadyen


By Jess Baker & Lauren Reed
Groom Rory Morin
Bride Lauren Reed
Best Man Pete Dixon
Mother of Bride Kate Salmon
Brother of Groom Phil Macken
Bridesmaid Jess Baker
Stage Manager Chris Henry
Costume Laura Rayner
Lights Stephen Bechard & Laura Perry
Sound Mark Molinaro
Front of House Andy Lister

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