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Pied Piper

The Pied Piper

Book by Michael Wicherek

Music & Lyrics by Mark Britton

11 - 14th April 1984

The Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

Musical Arrangements : Arthur Dick
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The Humans: The Common Type:

Erika Nicola Walsh
Franz Jeremy Murrell
Eva Belinda Frith
Gertrude Georgina Harvey
Heinrich James Quartermaine
Hilda Holly Crofton
Matilda Tina Rankin
Peter Andrew Brimelow
Ursula Sarah Thomas
Citizen 1 Jason Humphries
Citizen 2 Larissa Dodds
Citizen 3 Laura Wooten
Citizen 4 Andrew Wagstaff
Other Children Richard Pendered ; Alex Dobson ;
Suzanne Holyer ; Christopher Menist
& Russell Brownbill
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The Humans: The Burghers:

Albin Tony Seagrove
Caspar Tim Gray
Dietrich Mark Oldknow
Emil Ian Wagge
Erminia Kate Tarrant
Frederik Andrew Duffy
Jurgin Peter Machin
Katrina Hayley Brown
Klaus James Elson
Max Richard Murton
The Pied Piper Catherine Menist
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The Rats:

Boris Elisabeth Brownbill
Cotta Kate Toller
Haelstrom Lisa Crofton
Juro Peter Machin
Maximus Rachel Mills
Noris Royston Northridge
Quartermaster Stephanie Bennett
Queen Rat Jackie Phipps
Sextus Jonathan Hutchings
Messenger 1 Belinda Frith
Messenger 2 Suzanne Holyer
Messenger 3 Nicola Walsh
Other Rats Richard Pendered ; Alex Dobson ;
Holly Crofton ; Russell Brownbill ;
Christopher Menist ; Susan Warschauer
& Jeremy Murrell
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[Recorded at M.A.T. Studios : Engineered by Tony Craig & Howard Jones]
Mixed by Howard Jones
Piano Mark Britton
Drums Chris Maxwell
Guitars Arthur Dick
Flute & Sax Andy Mackintosh
O.B.X.a Alan Rodgers
Bass Paul Townsend
Kathryn Gray; Simon Anderson; Millie Dobie; Louise Sweeney;
Lesley Woolcott; Tracey Wyman & Janine Britton
[Six Members of the Choir were on the YT Waiting List].
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Director & Musical Director Mark Britton
Asst. Director & Production Manager Mike Wicherek
Senior Production Assistant Ann Viney
Technical Production Assistant Jason Humphries
Book Anne Wentworth
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Stage Manager Daniel Bennett
Lighting & Construction Paul Dean
Lighting Director Mark Laws
Sound Director Howard Jones
Lighting Assistant Andrew Wagstaff
Props Managers Sally Laws & Mike Wicherek
Pros Assts. & Stage Crew Peter Machin ; Andy Chatfield ;
Sue Bartholomew & Mike Wicherek
Wardrobe Mistress Sue Thomas
Designer Clare Murrell
Deputy Wardrobe Liz Adams
Wardrobe Assistants Elanor Jackson & Jane Harris
Make-Up Advisor Bob Lawrence
Make-Up Kath Gold
Make-Up Assistants Kathy Burns & Sue Warschauer
Publicity Manager Andy Chatfield
Publicity Assistants Kate Toller & Hayley Brown
Box Office Lucy Ratcliffe
Poster Design Chris Dignan
Programme Andy Chatfield
FOH Manager Tim Palmer
FOH Team Waiting List Members
Pied Piper - 1984/5 Season
Photo supplied by Ian Wagge: “The Burghers!” L to R: Ian Wagge, Tim Gray, Jamie Elson, Mark Oldknow, Kate Toller, Andrew Duffy, Tony Seagrove, Hayley Brown.
Please select the image to see a bigger version then check to see how young they all once were.
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