The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

Just for Laughs

Fund Raising Evenings

2nd & 3rd July 2004

Dinner Theatre

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield
Friday Evening in aid of The Ridyard Foundation


Celebrating Ball Boys win.

Fiesta Fandango
By Richard Tydeman
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Directed by Jamie Ivens
Rosina Amy Steadman-Treadner
Roderigo Sean Wilson
Don Lopez Chris Henry
Don Carlos James Jeans
Inez Steph Beavon
Dolores Cat Donnelly
Netta Claire Nixon
Tessa Grace Gibbons
Magdalene Charlie Maling
Narrator Jamie Ivens
Albert Laddin
By Richard Tydeman
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Directed by Harriet Abbott
Genie Eliot Blagden
Albert Laddin Holly Le Ber Smith
Widow Twankey Michael Ivens
Abanazer Jamie Ivens
Empress of China Keren Pearson
The Princess Rebecca Rose
Day-Glow Sammi Weintraube
Kis-Me Bryony Abbott
Mee-Too Karina Sidenius
Oo-Mum Cat Donnelly
Bottom‘s Dream
By William Shakespeare
Adapted by Mark Oldknow
Directed by Peter Sharman
Adjudicators Michael O‘Shea & Chloe Mantripp
Prologue Jess Dutton
Pyramus Phil Macken
Thisbe Georgina Ferrari
Wall Jess Develin
Lion Melanie Weintraube
Moonshine Tania Sidenius
Laundry Girls in Henley
By Bill Owen
The Laundry Girls (Dramascripts) at Amazon
Adapted by Cindy Linley & The Cast
Directed by Cindy Linley
Nellie Olivia Priest
Beattie Harriet Abbott
Gert Jess Dutton
Alice Charlie Maling
Polly Cat Donnelly
Dot Grace Gibbons
Miss Gimmel Jess Templeton
Vera Jess Develin
The Ball Boys
By David Edgar
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Directed by Mark Oldknow
Rupert James Cooke
One-Eye Peter Sharman
Sven Phil Macken
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