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Between 1974 and 2016
The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield has entered
64 Plays
77 Festivals
and has won
152 Awards

 In 2004 The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) were the first youth group ever to win the All England Theatre Festival, then became the first youth group ever to win the British Final Festival of One Act Plays with Ball Boys 
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Local Festival Awards:
Festival Successes, 1974 to present day:
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Dennis Shield:Best Group under 16
Rayner Cup:Best Group under 20
Silver Jubilee Shield:Best Junior Performance/Actor
Smithells Cup:Best All-Women Group
Graham Cup:Best Original Play
Muriel Emere Cup:Best Festival Actress
Joyce Gunner Cup:Best Junior Actress
Joe Frisch Cup:Best Senior Actor
Flora Robson Cup:Overall Festival Winners
Chalfont Cup:Overall Festival Runners-Up
Bucks Advertiser Cup:Best Stage Presentation
Biggs Drama Shield:Overall Festival Winners
Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy:Overall Festival Runners-Up
Frank Richards Cup:Overall Festival Third Place
Walter Rivers CupAll-England Theatre Festival
Maidenhead Youth Drama Trophy:Youth Groups (Under 21)
Joan Beckley Trophy: (Up to 1992)Adjudicators Award to Youth Groups
(From 1993)Youth Groups (16 and Under)
Aubrey Harding Trophy:Best Performance of a Short Play
Maidenhead Advertiser Trophy:All-Female or All-Male Performance
Fred Stone TrophyBest Unpublished Play
South of England Building Society BowlBest Stage Presentation
Moyra Hutchison TrophyAdjudicator's Award
John Rigg TrophyBest Comedy
Kenton Drama Award:Open Class Winners
Weatherhead Award:Open Class Runners-Up
Charlotte Thomas Award:All Women
Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award:Best Stage Presentation
Hannen Award:Best Actress
Clive Spencer Award:Best Performance in a Supporting Role
Henley Standard Award:Best Actor
Reg Judd Award:Best Senior Youth Group (16-21)
Young Award:Best Senior Youth Performance (16-21)
Daphne Marshall Memorial Award:Best Youth Group (11-16)
Cecil Hole Memorial AwardBest Youth Performance (11-16)
John/Doris Clive-Spencer AwardBest Original Play
Joanna Jones Memorial AwardBest Supporting Performance in Class 3 or 4

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Festival Successes 1974 to present day

The most recent awards are at the top. Select the page icon Link to Production Page for more information about festivals alongside.
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All England Theatre Festival, Eastern Area Final, Walton-on-Thames Home Free!
Henley(Kenton) Shadow Of the Giants Daphne Marshall Memorial Award Junior Youth
The Cast Cecil Hole Memorial Award Best Performance
Home Free! Jean Sutherland Memorial Award Adjudicator's Choice
Helen Charlotte Thomas Award with Shared Intent Theatre
Thomas Maddren Clive Spencer Award
Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award
Maidenhead Home Free! Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy
The Lynda Whitworth Award
The Roy Bates Memorial Fund donation to the AETF Winners All England Theatre Festival
The Shadows of the Giants Adjudicator's Award - The Moyra Hutchinson Trophy
Helen Maidenhead Advertiser Trophy with Shared Intent Theatre
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Henley(Kenton) Nine Kenton Drama Award with Shared Intent Theatre
Charlotte Thomas Award
Helen Sendall & Tara Tobler Hannen Award
Round the World with Class Six Daphne Marshall Memorial Award  
The Entire Cast(!) Cecil Hole Memorial Award  
Maidenhead Nine Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy with Shared Intent Theatre
Maidenhead Advertiser Trophy
South of England Building Society Bowl
Round the World with Class Six Aubrey Harding Trophy 
John Rigg Trophy
2014 Maidenhead Domby Dom none  
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Henley(Kenton) No Picnic Reg Judd Award  
Tom McGrath The Young Award  
Maidenhead Chatroom   none  
No Picnic  none  

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Barn Theatre, Oxted The Better Half  noneAll-England Festival semi-final
Henley (Kenton)The Better Half  Weatherhead Award Overall Runners-up
  Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award Best Stage Presentation
Catherine Hiscock Hannen Award Best Actress
Lucy Kelly Patterson Clive Spencer Award Best Supporting Performance
Oubliette Katie Vowles Cecil Hole Memorial Award Best Junior Youth Performance
  Daphne Marshall Memorial Award Junior Youth Group
Maidenhead The Better Half   Biggs Drama Shield Overall Festival Winner
  South of England Building Society Bowl Best Stage Presentation
2011No Festival Entries
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Henley (Kenton) One For The Road (by Harold Pinter)  Kenton Drama Award Festival Winners. More...
Mark Oldknow Henley Standard AwardBest Actor. More...
Cage Birds   Reg Judd Award Best Senior Youth Group. More...
Lucy Kelly-PattersonThe Young Award Best Senior Youth Performance. More...
Maidenhead One For the Road   Aubrey Harding TrophyBest Performance of a Short Play. More...
2009 Maidenhead Women of Troy   Fred Stone Trophy Best Unpublished Play
Henley (Kenton) Catherine Hiscock The Young Award Best Senior Youth Performance
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Henley (Kenton) After Midnight Before Dawn   Reg Judd Award
  Charlotte Thomas Award More...
The Devil You Know Tom Curtis The Young AwardMore...
Robyn Giel Joanna Jones Memorial AwardMore...
Maidenhead none
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Henley (Kenton) The Mysteries: The Passion   Reg Judd Award   More...
  Charlotte Thomas Award
Round the World With Class 6 Christian Northwood Joanna Jones Award
Maidenhead The Mysteries: The Passion   Moyra Hutchison Trophy
Round The World With Class 6    Joan Beckley Trophy
Chalfont none
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Henley Power Games by James Ivens Jess Dutton Joanna Jones Award More information
Mike Ivens Cecil Hole Memorial Award
Chalfont Charlie Malling Joyce Gunner Cup
Mike Ivens Silver Jubilee Shield
  Dennis Shield
Maidenhead   Joan Beckley Trophy
  Youth Drama Trophy
2005 Henley (Kenton) Us and Them Chloe Mantripp Cecil Hole Award  
Chalfont none
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British Final Festival of One Act Plays, Aberystwyth Ball Boys   The Howard de Walden Ewer Winners of British Festival. THE YOUNG THEATRE (at Beaconsfield) : British Champions 2004 - - the first youth group ever to win the British title !
AETF English Final, Maidenhead Ball Boys Mark Oldknow The Paul Dyson Trophy Adjudicator's discretionary award for work of merit
Mark Oldknow The Irene Gartside Award Stage Presentation
  The John Maude Trophy Winners of All-England Theatre Festival. Ball Boys qualified for the British Final Festival of One-Act Plays held at Aberystwyth, Wales - the first youth group ever to do so !
AETF Eastern Area Final, Leigh-on-Sea Ball Boys   The Barn Theatre Cup Winners of the Area Final. Ball Boys qualified for the AETF English Final held at Maidenhead - the first year a youth group had ever qualified for the English Final !
Henley (Kenton) Laundry Girls Harriet Abbott Cecil Hole Award  
Ball Boys Peter Sharman & James Cooke The Young Award  
  Reg Judd Award  
Maidenhead Laundry Girls   Joan Beckley Trophy  
Ball Boys   Youth Drama Trophy  
  Maidenhead Advertiser Trophy  
  Dorcas Gowling Memorial Trophy Ball Boys (Directed by Mark Oldknow) qualified directly for the Eastern Area Final of the All-England Theatre Festival held at Leigh-On-Sea
  Walter Rivers Cup  
Chalfont Laundry Girls Liv Priest Joyce Gunner Cup  
Ball Boys James Cooke Silver Jubilee Shield  
  Rayner Cup  
  Chalfont Cup  
2003 No Festival Entries
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Chalfont Oedecles - King of Thebes   David Butcher Award  
Henley (Kenton) Conversations With A Golliwog Niki Matthews Joanna Jones Memorial Award  
Maidenhead   none
2001 Henley (Kenton)The Cagebirds  Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award 
Ritual for Dolls none  
Chalfont The Cagebirds   Dennis Shield  
  Bucks Advertiser Cup  
Lauren ReedJoyce Gunner Cup  
Ritual For Dolls   Rayner Cup Ritual For Dolls (Directed by Mark Oldknow) also qualified for Stage Two of the All England Festival held at the Beacon Centre, Beaconsfield.
Maidenhead The Cagebirds   none  
Ritual For Dolls   none  
2000 No Festival Entries
1999 Chalfont Permission To Cry   Rayner Cup  
Row Lennon Joyce Gunner Cup  
Maidenhead   none
1998ChalfontTwo  Chalfont Cup  
Ben SansomSilver Jubilee Shield 
  Rayner Cup  
Absence of Reason   Bucks Advertiser Cup  
Maidenhead Two[somebody]Moyra Hutchison Trophy 
Absence of Reason   
1997 Chalfont After Midnight, Before Dawn   Dennis Shield  
Teechers   Rayner Cup  
  Flora Robson Cup Jointly with St.Peter Players
Lizzie French Joyce Gunner Cup  
Droitwich Discovery Chris Davidson Silver Jubilee Shield  
Maidenhead Teechers   Youth Drama Trophy  
After Midnight, Before Dawn Becky Sharman Moyra Hutchison Trophy  
Henley (Kenton) Teechers   Reg Judd Award  
Rob Bowen The Young Award  
After Midnight, Before Dawn   Daphne Marshall Memorial Award  
Dave Bermingham Cecil Hole Award  
1996 Chalfont Floor Thirteen   Dennis Shield Script link | Read | Buy
Maidenhead   Joan Beckley Trophy
1995 Chalfont Death Of An Angel   Dennis Shield [Read/buy the Script]
  Graham Cup
Tim Rogers Silver Jubilee Shield
Maidenhead In Need Of Care   Aubrey Harding Trophy  
Deadline Dawn   Youth Drama Trophy  
Death Of An Angel   Moyra Hutchison Trophy [Read/buy the Script]
Henley (Kenton) Death Of An Angel   none
1994 Chalfont Intrusions   Rayner Cup  
Maidenhead Intrusions   none
1993MaidenheadThe Cagebirds  Youth Drama Trophy 
Ritual for Dolls  none  
Chalfont The Cagebirds  none  
Ritual for Dolls  none  
1992 Chalfont The Laundry Girls   Rayner Cup  
  Smithells Cup  
Henley (Kenton) The Laundry Girls   Charlotte Thomas Award  
1991 Chalfont In Need Of Care   Dennis Shield  
Danielle Hutton-Penman Silver Jubilee Shield  
Henley (Kenton) In Need Of Care Danielle Hutton-Penman The Young Award  
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Chalfont Us & Them   Dennis Shield  
Chalfont Winners  Rayner Cup  
  Flora Robson Cup  
David Farey Silver Jubilee Shield  
Elisabeth BrownbillMuriel Emere Cup Trophy Awarded for the first time
Maidenhead   Youth Drama Trophy  
  Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy 
Henley (Kenton)   Reg Judd Award  
Elisabeth BrownbillThe Young Award  
David Farey Henley Standard Award  
1989 No Festival Entries
1988 Chalfont After Midnight, Before Dawn   none  
Maidenhead   none
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Chalfont Stereotypes  Rayner Cup More…
  Graham Cup More… 
DreamJobs   Dennis Shield More… 
Jo TillSilver Jubilee ShieldMore… 
There's Always Spring   none More… 
Mirrors of the Mind   none More… 
Maidenhead Stereotypes   Joan Beckley Trophy More… 
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Chalfont Albert   Rayner Cup  
Edward ThorntonSilver Jubilee Shield  
Them Boots Ain't Made For Walking   none  
Ernie's Incredible Illucinations   none  
MaidenheadAlbert   Youth Drama Trophy 
  Aubrey Harding Trophy  
Them Boots Ain't Made For Walking   none  
Ernie's Incredible Illucinations   none  
1985 Chalfont David & Broccoli   Rayner Cup  
Wrecked   Graham Cup  
Kate Tarrant Silver Jubilee Shield  
Maidenhead Wrecked   none
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Chalfont Fallen Angels   Smithells Cup  
Georgina Harvey Silver Jubilee Shield Awarded Jointly
Flies in July Tim Palmer
  Graham Cup  
Maidenhead Flies in July   Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy  
Aubrey Harding Trophy  
Youth Drama Trophy Flies in July (Directed by Michael Wicherek) also qualified for Stage Two of the All England Festival at Northampton.
No Festival Entries
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Chalfont Ritual For Dolls  none 
November Echo  none 
Us & Them  none 
The DIY Frankenstein Outfit  none 
MaidenheadRitual For Dolls  Joan Beckley Trophy 
November Echo  none 
Link to Production Page
ChalfontShirts  Dennis Shield 
The CageBirds  Smithells Cup 
In Need of Care  Rayner Cup 
The Thistle in the Donkey Field none  
MaidenheadIn Need of Care Youth Drama Trophy 
Shirts  none  
The CageBirds  none  
1978 No Festival Entries
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Chalfont Ernie's Incredible Illucinations   Dennis Shield  
Mark Oldknow Silver Jubilee Shield Trophy Awarded for the first time
No Festival Entries
1974 Bucks Festival The Cloak   Silver Award  
Suzanne Sharpe Individual Silver Award  
Jane Treays Individual Silver Award  
Felicity Wiseman Individual Silver Award  
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