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The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)                  


by John Gardiner

1st - 3rd January 1998

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Dazzle_Star (291KB).

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Buckinghamshire Advertiser, January 1998
Review, Buckinghamshire Advertiser, January 1998

Words & Music by John Gardiner and Andrew Parr

Music adapted by, and Additional Music, Andrew Chisholm; Adam Czekalowski and Simon Chisholm

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

Captain Sam Galactic Ben Sansum
Dazzle Star Shannon Hogan
Mr. Speck Rob Bowen
Alura Link Row Lennon
Mohammed McToxic Gary Boon
Pearl Pacemaker Laura Finlayson
Mr. Suey Pilsbury
Lolita Laser Helen Bowman
Mr. Paddy Chris Gurney
Sekurikor Chris Davidson
Gary Gemini Chris Lambert
Angela Krypton Catherine Jeffcock
Big Olga Sharon Calcutt
Little Volga Karen Wilkins
Slimebag Chris Reay
Swampey Brad Hopkins
Sue Zuki Catherine Lambert
Davina Death Kathy Smith
Brenda Brute Becky Sharman
Vic Vandal Andy Macken
Ministar Suzie Buckley
Waiter (Darf Vader) Suzanne Hollyer
CHORUS The Wise Ones, Bolshies, Chinese Waiters, Slimeys & Greasers
Becky Sharman, Claire Tonks, Sharon Calcutt, Karen Wilkins, Catherine Lambert, Brad Hopkins, Andy Macken, Chris Reay, Debi Linton, Jane Twydle, Jess Benest, Suzie Buckley, Lizzie Weare & Kathy Smith
Director Lizzie French
Musical Directors Andrew Chisholm & Adam Czekalowski
Choreographer Suzie Buckley
Assistant Choreographer Jess Benest
Production Coordinators Paul Wilson & Piers Sanders
Stage Manager Katherine Francis
ASMs Ian Moores, Stephen Macken, Dave Bermingham
Set Design Stephen Macken
Properties Lizzie Weare
Costumes Allison Lister, Steph Lennon, Jane Twydle
Make-Up Emma Sikora
Lighting Andy Benstock
Sound Nic Kennedy
Sound Effects Russell Brownbill
Construction Team: Piers Sanders, Ian Moores, Russell Brownbill, Chris Reay, Stephen Macken, Graham Southgate, Matt Wilson, Dave Bermingham & Geraint Jones.
FOH Manager Jess Benest
Assistant FOH Suzie Buckley
Backstage Help Frances Taylor

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