The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield) 25th Anniversary Year

The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

19th, 20th & 21st April 1995

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield


Rev. Samuel Parris David Capstick
Betty Parris Katie Gourd
Tituba Samantha Franklin
Abigail Williams Catherine Lambert
Suzanne Walcott Stephanie Cox
Thomas Putnam Lawrence Markham
Ann Putnam Debbie Lewis
Mercy Lewis Caitlin Hughes
Mary Warren Helen Wallace
John Proctor David Worley
Rebecca Nurse Kate Gold
Giles Corey Ian Wagge
Rev. John Hale Andrew Chatfield
Elizabeth Proctor Carla Quelch
Francis Nurse Neil Ridyard
Ezekiel Cheever Dave Farey
John Willard Graham Wilkinson
Hopkins James Rider
Guard Robert Diment
Judge Hathorne Mark Britton
Martha Corey (VO) Claire Murrell
Deputy Governor Danforth John Sharman
Ruth Putnam Lucy Sikora
Abigail Hobbs Abigail Seabrook
Susan Shelden Gaby Vautier
Beth Hubbard Alison Lister
Sarah Good Lis Brownbill
Narrator (VO) Mark Oldknow
Drummer Paul Bacon
Principal Understudies/Stand-Ins Alison Lister, Stephanie Cox, Debbie Lewis, Abigail Seabrook, Gaby Vautier, Lawrence Markham, James Rider & Robert Diment

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