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The Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)                  


written & directed by Mark Oldknow

(A joint production with Tight Fit Theatre)

22nd-24th December 2009

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

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Programme Cover
Programme Cover
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Cinderella Lucy Kelley-Patterson
Prince Charming Sophie Gordon
Baroness Hard-Up Mark Oldknow
Frogmella Venetia Hatherill
Nausea Georgie Barwick
Buttons Tom McGrath
Baron Hard-Up James Jeans
Fairy Godmother Dina Lees
Reckitt Christian Northwood
Scarper Terenia Welch
King Charming III Paul Henry
Princess Radiant Jessica Firth
Dandini Catherine Hiscock
Cordelia Beth Graham
Madame Olga Emma Marks
Chorus Dolly Allday; George Barton;
Hannah Dutton; Fern Harffey;
Joe Kelen; Chloe Mantripp;
Chloe Matthews; Ethan Sefton-Minns;
Annabel Moran; Katie Phillips
& Yvonne Kelley-Patterson

Asst. Director Chloe Mantripp
Choreographer Sophie Gordon
Technical Director Sharon Calcutt
Lighting Design Will Evans
Production Manager Alex Firth
Stage Manager Owen Kelley-Patterson
Sound James Hart
Lighting Operator Alex Firth
Follow Spot Jonathan Hobbs
Wardrobe Supervisor Xye Appleton
Costumes Louise Morris
ASMs Joe Kirk & William Marshall
Asst. to the Director Jorga Appleton
Marketing Beth Graham
Front-of-House Managers Paul Henry & Mel Firth


During the run the cast are crew were hit by a particularly vicious bug, resulting in a number of enforced cast and crew changes for the three performances on 24th December: Prince Charming - Fern Harffey; Dandini - Xye Appleton; Frogmella - Dina Lees; FairyGodmother (Act One) - Dina Lees; Fairy Godmother‘s lines (Act Two) - Mark Oldknow & Tom McGrath; Princess - Annabel Moran; Baron Hardup - Paul Henry; King Charming III - Ethan Sefton-Minns. Martin Haswell and Gemma Wilkes were drafted in to provide support to technical departments and Gareth Webb; Helen Staunton and Tom Curtis provided additional support as required.

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