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Canterbury Tales

By Phil Woods & Michael Bogdanov

January 2007

Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

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The Knight‘s Tale ; The Nun‘s Priest‘s Tale ; The Franklyn‘s Tale ; The Wife of Bath‘s Tale ; The Pardoner‘s Tale ; The Merchant‘s Tale ; The Reeve‘s Tale ; The Miller‘s Tale

Organised as the Annual Geoffrey Chaucer Story-telling Competition - an integral part of the Lower Futtock Village Fete

Those involved:-
Chris Anstey ; Eliot Blagden; Emily Baldwin ; Lily Burch ; Nell Charleston ; Tom Curtis ; Joe Eyre ; Cameron Gower Poole ; Joe Gunn ; Martin Haswell ; Felix Heal ; Siobhan Hill ; Mike Ivens ; James Jeans ; Isabelle Lawn ; Rebecca Leigh ; Ali McSloy ; Jen McSloy ; Charlie Malling ; Chloe Mantripp ; Marianne Michael ; Ethan Sefton-Minns ; Annabel Moran ; Eimear Morrin ; Louise Morris ; Max Neal ; Christian Northwood ; Mark Oldknow ; David Randall ; Carys Rees ; Sean Roche ; Olivia Sinton ; Helen Sharman and Rosie Staunton


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