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22-24 & 27 December 2017

Performed by the Young Theatre in 2017.
Cast & Crew Photographs Poster

Cinderella Rachie Ing
Prince Charming Izzy Loudon
Manuria Tom McGrath
Drizilla Mark Oldknow
Fairy Godmother Helen Sendall
Buttons Kieran McPhillips
King Charming Antony Sendall
Baroness Hardup Abbie Verity
Dandini Taran Waverley-Hudson
Carl the Minion Lucas Walker
Grynne Lucy Carver / Elli Damarell
Bearitt Jess Woodrow / Fianna Smaje
Princess Covfefe Rachel Manley / Eli Verity
Dance Chorus Allie Baldwin, Lizzie Baldwin, Sophie Davies, Emma Hobson, Zoe Kaye, Aimee Langwade & Gwennan Williams
Orphans Jorja Appleton, Nicholas Arnison, Alexandra Askew, David Douglas, Evie Gibbon, Honor Mountford, Grace Reynolds & Sophie Reynolds
Townsfolk Lily Blair, Yasmin Dacre, Yvonne Osborne, Molly Sendall & Saffron Stringer

Due to unforeseen circumstances on 22nd December the role of Dandini was played by Jess Woodrow

Director Mark Oldknow
Producer Tom McGrath
Choreographer Allie Baldwin
Production Manager Graham Southgate
Set Design Mark Oldknow
Lighting Design Matt Cowley
Video Design Joe Kirk
Sound Design Matt Shraga
Costume Design Xye Appleton
Wardrobe Assistants Jay Oldknow & Teresa Sain
Set Construction Graham Southgate
Scenic Artist Helen Sendall
Stage Manager Adam Tattan
Deputy Stage Manager Ben Stobbs
Assistant Stage Managers Matt Cowley, Nik Damarell & Alexander Northwood
Lighting Operator Charlie Arnison
Front of House Manager Ben Krebs
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Cast & Crew Photographs Poster

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