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The Young Theatre at Beaconsfield’s entries into drama festivals in Maidenhead, Henley and AETF(Eastern)


March-May 2016

Maidenhead, Henley and AETF(Eastern)

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Maidenhead 15-19 MarchJennifer Scott-Reid GODA
Walton-on-Thames 16 April Jan Palmer-Sayer GoDA
Henley 4-7 May Louise Manders LLAM ALAM GODA MSTSD
Maidenhead Home Free! Dorcas Gowing Memorial Trophy
The Lynda Whitworth Award
The Roy Bates Memorial Fund donation to the AETF Winners All England Theatre Festival
The Shadows of the Giants Moyra Hutchinson Trophy Adjudicator's Award
Helen Maidenhead Advertiser Trophy with Shared Intent Theatre
All England Theatre Festival
Eastern Area Final
Home Free!
Henley Shadow Of the Giants Daphne Marshall Memorial Award Junior Youth
The Cast Cecil Hole Memorial Award Best Performance
Home Free! Jean Sutherland Memorial Award Adjudicator's Choice
Helen Charlotte Thomas Award with Shared Intent Theatre
Thomas Maddren Clive-Spencer Award
Dorothy & Arthur Sharp Award
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