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23, 24 & 27 December, 2014

The Curzon Centre Maxwell Road Beaconsfield


Aladdin Katie Vowles 
Princess Jasmine Anna Reith 
Widow Twanky Mark Oldknow 
Wishy-Washy Tom McGrath
Abanazer Antony Sendall 
Hanky Panky Allie Baldwin 
Emperor Edward Simpson 
Ping Celine Callow 
Pong Alexander Northwood 
Calliope Helen Sendall 
Derek Kieran McPhillips 
Fluffy Lily Grafham & Zoe Kaye
Donkey Gwennan Williams 
Minion Eliot & Milo Day 
Teacher Lizzie Baldwin / Yvonne Kelley-Patterson
Child 1 Hannah Douglas 
Child 2 Alexandra Askew 
Child 3 Jonathan Douglas / Rachie Ing 
Child 4 Fran Askew 
Seller 1 Fianna Smaje 
Seller 2 Saffron Stringer 
Seller 3 Lucy Warren 
Seller 4 April Cull / Cat Jackson

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