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May 2010

Kenton (Henley) Helen E Sharman (GODA)
The Cagebirds by David Campton

               One for the Road
One For the Road by Harold Pinter

Gloom George Barton        Nicholas Mark Oldknow
Thump Georgie Barwick        Victor Barney Hunt
Guzzle Annabel Moran        Nicky Alexander Northwood
Twitting Lucy KelleyPatterson        Gila Sophie Gordon
Gazer Joe Kelen       
Gossip Fern Harffey       
Wild One Ellie Harffey       
Mistress Catherine Hiscock       
Director Chloe Mantripp        Director Mark Oldknow

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festival awards
Henley (Kenton) One For The RoadKenton Drama Award Festival Winners  
Henley Standard AwardBest Actor Mark Oldknow
Cage Birds Reg Judd Award Best Senior Youth Group  
The Young Award Best Senior Youth Performance Lucy Kelly-Patterson
Maidenhead One For the Road Aubrey Harding TrophyBest Performance of a Short Play  

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