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The Deserted House

By T.B.Morris

23 - 25 April 1992

Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

By T.B.Morris, performed by the Young Theatre in April 1992.
Cast & Crew

Antoinette Ferrier Carla Quelch
Pierre Norel Dave Farey
Henri Cabu Laurence Markham
Marie Norel Rebecca Bermingham
Jeanne Morel Sophie Stockley
Kathy Larouche Stephanie Cox
Delphine Parmentier Katie Bowler
George Alibert Paul Wilson
Lieutenant Keller Rhodri Jones
Corporal Tieck Nick Barber
Captain Weiner Tim Hill
Director Mark Oldknow
Production Manager Graham Southgate
Director‘s Assistant Joanna John
Stage Manager Russell Brownbill
Deputy Stage Manager Magnus Stewart
Designer Karen Ogborn
Properties Graham Southgate
Lighting Design Russell Brownbill & Magnus Stewart
Lighting Operator Gemma Stockley
Sound Magnus Stewart
Make-Up Paige Bell
Costumes Karen Ogborn
Publicity Joanna John
Front of House Helen Sharman

Information kindly supplied by Catherine Lambert and Dave Farey

Cast & Crew

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