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the Young Theatre (at Beaconsfield)

The Tinder Box

By Nicholas Stuart-Gray

The Curzon Centre, Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield

11, 12 & 13 January 1990


Cast & Crew

Peter Gareth Benest
The Witch Rosy Wendover
Shemozzle Lis Brownbill
Kerfuffle Andrew Chisholm
White Dog Kate Barber
Black & White Dog Stephanie Lennon
Black Dog Helen Wallace
Weird Face Geoff Freeman
Kurtz Dave Farey
Princess Gissella Tanya Baker
Duke Eldred Richard Monnington
Lord Bartram Stephen Mathieson
Countess Helga Daniella Hutton-Penman
The King Paul Wilson
The Queen Debbie Lewis
Spinning Wheel Linda Torbet
Servants Emma Tapley & Claire Jones
1st Soldier Alwyn Jones
2nd Soldier David Jefferies
Soldiers Robert Tapley & Geoff Freeman
Townsfolk; Courtiers & SoldiersLinda Torbet, Sally Wright, Emma Tapley, Mathew Wright, Claire Jones, Danielle Benest, Andrew Platt & Mark Woodyer
Director Karen Ogborn
Assistant Director Suzanne Holyer
Production Assistant Kirsty Boon
Set Design Ian Wallace, Karen Ogborn & Suzanne Holyer
Costumes Kathy Cook, Rebecca Wallace & Jo Johns
Stage Managers Adrian South & Russell Brownbill
Properties Danielle Benest & Andy Platt
Make-Up Kathy Cook & Debbie Lewis
Lighting Graham Southgate & Anharad Rhys-Williams
Sound Graham Field
Publicity Tim Gray
Press Helen Sharman
Front of House Kirsty Boon
Box-Office Danielle Benest & Kirsty Boon
Coordinators Bill Tapley & Helen Sharman
Stage Team Matthew Wright, Mark Woodyer & David Farey

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